Pregnancy can leave lasting—and often unwanted—effects on your appearance, such as sagging breasts, stretched abdominal muscles, and loose, excess skin.

A “mommy makeover” is a personalized set of cosmetic procedures designed to help a women address effects of childbearing and aging on the face, breasts, and body and restore or improve upon her pre-pregnancy appearance.

A “mommy makeover” can help you feel more like yourself, improving your comfort and self-confidence.

You are a candidate for mommy makeover surgery if you are in good medical health, you are finished with childbearing, and you have a positive outlook and realistic expectations.

A mommy makeover is a fairly standard combination of cosmetic surgery procedures that are performed together during a one operation:

Our Chief Cosmetic Surgeon Dr.Appaka Jagadish Kiran, will consult with you. He will go into all the details of the kind of procedures your body requires.