A double chin is a common problem in which excess fat and loose skin beneath your chin make your face look heavy or bulky. Your jawline becomes less defined and facial features feel out of proportion. It is very difficult to get rid of even with diet and exercise.

This is a permanent way of removing fat from that area and give you a well-defined jawline. There is no downtime and minimal pain. Dr.Jagadish Kiran Appaka does a very delicate liposuction procedure under local anaesthesia, using fine instruments.

You will need to wear a chin strap for 3 to 4 days after which you can return to work. Minimal swelling and bruising are expected for a week. Make up can be used to mask any bruises and we will show you how to put on your makeup and go out immediately after the procedure.

Different types of arm lift are:

At HYDERABAD PLASTIC SURGERY, Dr.Jagadish Kiran Appaka, a leading brachioplasty surgeon in Hyderabad, will discuss and choose the Brachioplasty option that is right for you.

An arm lift is performed in a hospital as an daycare surgery. Usally done under general anaesthesia. You should also experience some bruising and swelling. To minimize swelling you should sleep with your arms elevated with pillows for about two weeks post-surgery. You will need at least two weeks or more to heal completely following your Brachioplasty.

You should avoid exercises that stress the operative site for at least four weeks after your surgery. You should avoid heavy lifting, contact sports, and jogging for at least six weeks after your surgery. You should consult with your surgeon before you resume your exercise and work routine.

You should consult Dr.Jagadish Kiran Appaka, a board certified plastic surgeon and who got trained in brachioplasty procedure for your arm lift.